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Where to watch

So your family member of other half has talked you into driving round and cheering them on or providing food and sympathy.

Here’s a list of where to watch and support. We’re assuming you are using Satnav so have provided postcodes, but you can have a look at the Ring Google Map if that helps.  if you have neither Satnav not internet you won’t be reading this, but we could probably copy a bit of the OS  map for you if you ask…

You can cycle most of the way round as well.  If you are going to do this let us know in advance and we will get you a cycle map. Some bits of it may be muddy or rutted depending on the weather so a mountain bike or whatnot is advisable.  There is a short section after Droitwich that is signposted to get off your bike and push, we would advise you follwo it, its narrow and a bit steep down to the canal.  The rest of it is fine.

The first mile or so from the club is away from the River, then you can cycle along the canal towpath up the Worcester & Birmingham Canal as far as the junction with the Droitwich canals (you go over the hill rather than through the Dunhampstead tunnel).  You then cross over the road and join the Droitwich canals towpath (there  is a marshal around there who can direct you).  There is another bit where you leave the canal for 500 metres or so around the M5 tunnel.  It’s then plain sailing all the way to Hawford where it joins the Severn where you will need to make your way back along the roads to Worcester (or push your bike over the footpaths a couple of miles).


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