If you are interested please see the risk assessment – any concerns or questions please ask.

We all want a safe and enjoyable event so PLEASE:

  • Follow all marshals’ instructions.
  • Buoyancy aids are mandatory.
  • Everyone has a duty to offer assistance to any paddler in difficulty.
  • Give way to pedestrians and cyclists.
  • On the water keep to the right hand side and overtake on the left.
  • Take care around other river users.
  • On the river don’t get too close to the banks, as there may be concealed anglers.
  • Look out for rowers ahead and behind – they are quiet and fast.
  • All paddlers under 16 must be accompanied by a suitable adult.
  • Switch on lights when going through tunnels.
  • Take your sunglasses off in tunnels – they don’t help!
  • The marshal will indicate when it is safe to enter the tunnels marked e and g on the map.  On the third tunnel you can see for yourself.
  • No littering.  You may leave litter at the food stops.
  • No alcohol before or during the event.  When you get back safely is fine!
  • Wear appropriate clothing, and consider sun block, a hat, water etc…
  • The canals are mostly less than 5 foot deep so if you end up in the canal – try standing up!
  • We don’t want to nag, but please be kind to your back – lift with your knees and consider 2 people to a boat when portaging.

If in danger or difficulty

Please speak to a marshal about any concerns or difficulty. You can also phone Event Control – the number will be on your route card.  

If you don’t think you can carry on for whatever reason we can give you a lift home.  Ideally try and get to the next set of marshals.  We will leave no one behind!

In an emergency phone 999 for an Ambulance or Fire Brigade (water rescues).

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