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The entry costs are:

  • £25 for adults,
  • £15 for Students
  • £12 for under 16’s.

You will need to decide in advance which route you are doing and what time you will start (the longer you will think you will do it in, the earlier you start).  Please see Routes and Start Times.

Entries now open. The easiest way to enter will be via our Entry Central page  where you can pay by card.   You will not be charged extra  for this.

It is set up just like most internet shopping.  You can enter for as many boats as you like, then you pay at the end (in a “shopping basket”). Please note the entry is per boat – if is a double crew you put both names on the same form,  If you have two people in separate boats you need to put in two forms (although you can pay once if you like). It refers in the email you will get to “downloading the pass to your wallet” or  something – just ignore this.  All you need to do is turn up on the day and tell us your name.

Any problems or queries just email us. If you accidentally do it wrong, fear not, we will sort it out one way or another.

If you would prefer to post us a form instead and pay by cheque or BACS then just let us know.

Any questions please email us at worcesterring@hotmail.com

The closing date for entries is 26 June – all entries must be made in advance and you will not be able to enter on the day. We have a maximum of 120 entries this year.

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